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Wellness Made Easy

Our no fuss library was designed by to help busy corporates stress less and achieve more during every work week. After time in the corporate world and working with influential CEO's, we know well the pattern of burnout. The purpose of this library is to bring you balance and a new found focus in work, relationships and in yourself. Some days you'll still curse at traffic, you're only human. But we'll guide you through meditation, breathing and movement techniques to help those times become less frequent and help eliminate the snowball effect so you can perform at your best, always.

Yoga, Meditation + Breath Work are our three video categories that range from 10 to 60 minutes + offer a variety of tools to calm you down, fire you up, alleviate physical tension and wind down your day calmly. All videos offer different techniques to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day. Videos are clearly explained and guided by Senior Teacher Patty Perlman.

This is for the intelligent individual ready to take control of their mind and body, bring their cortisol levels and nervous system to neutral, and to perform at their best while feeling their best. For hard working teams to spend 15 minutes together moving and breathing and changing how they manage stress to approach the bigger picture in the office and in life.

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